AGC's 2017 BuildCon Brings Together Contractors and Owners to Discuss the Impact of Prefabrication and Modularization

August 22, 2017

AGC’s BuildCon 2017 will feature a session designed to help you understand how and why the terms of traditional construction contracts are altered by prefabrication and modular construction.  Henry Nutt, Southland Industries, will discuss numerous issues requiring revisions to common terms such as whether the entity performing such work is a subcontractor or manufacturer and how they are defined; how States laws apply to workers in a factory setting versus a project site; whether a subcontractor strictly working on the modular manufacturing is bound by the terms of the prime contract, and more.

In addition, this year’s conference sessions and programming will include commentary and discussion from Owners participating in AGC’s Public/Private Industry Advisory Council.  This unique addition will provide attendees a rare opportunity to interact with and listen to the thoughts, concerns and ideas of an important player in this industry, industry Owners.

BuildCon is co-locating with the Fall BIMForum again this year. By attending BuildCon, you get access to BIMForum. This allows for additional education and networking opportunities for attendees. To learn more and register, click here.

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