AGC Championed Language Included in Senate Transportation Funding Bill

April 21, 2016

The Senate Transportation Appropriations Committee unanimously approved the fiscal year 2017 budget for the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), which included a key provision AGC requested that would set certain conditions on a US DOT pilot program that enables the state or local grant recipients to utilize local or geographical, economic-based, and veterans hiring preferences on federal-aid highway and federal transit projects. The language is identical to a provision that AGC was successful in getting included in last year’s omnibus appropriations bill. The provision requires a grant recipient to certify that a local hire requirement will not force the layoff of a company’s employees, will not significantly increase the cost of the project and that they will not impose local hire requirements unless they can certify that there is an available, trained workforce in the local area. 

AGC is working with members and staff on the House Appropriations Committee to get this provision included in their fiscal year 2017 transportation funding bill.

On the Highway Trust Fund obligations front, the Senate bill provides FAST Act investment levels for federal-aid highways ($43.266 billion) and transit ($9.734 billion). Additionally, the bill provides $525 million for the TIGER grants and $2.338 billion for transit Capital Investment Grants.

For more information, please contact Sean O’Neill at or (202) 547-8892.

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