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AGC Again Opposes USACE-Mandated PLAs

February 26, 2015

Recently, AGC sent two letters opposing the possible use of a project labor agreement (PLA) mandate posted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. One letter addressed concerns about a possible PLA mandate for an intake diversion dam in Montana, while the other opposed consideration of PLAs within the Charleston District area of jurisdiction.

AGC neither supports nor opposes contractors’ voluntary use of PLAs on government projects, but strongly opposes any government mandate for contractors’ use of PLAs. AGC is committed to free and open competition for publicly funded work, and believes that the lawful labor relations policies and practices of private construction contractors should not be a factor in a government agency’s selection process.

Visit AGC’s Legislative Action Center to write to your Senators urging their support of legislation opposing government mandated PLAs. AGC is working with members of the House to introduce the same bill in that chamber.

For more information, please contact Jimmy Christianson at or (703) 837-5325. 

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