Are You Ready for the 2nd Annual AGC Hard Hat Recycling Challenge?

Accepting Pledges Now Through November 10! AGC has renewed its commitment to holding an annual Hard Hat Recycling Challenge as part of America Recycles Day this November 15th.   Will you accept the challenge? [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"4591","attributes":{"class":"media-image aligncenter wp-image-21026","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"610","height":"369","alt":""}}]] Here is how it works.  America Recycles Day is on Saturday, Nov. 15.  Make your pledge to AGC by (or before) Monday, Nov. 10, so that we know which members to highlight.  Start collecting your hard hats for recycling, then circle back to AGC by Nov. 17 with information on how many hard hats your company collected for recycling.  Be sure to take some photographs of your efforts, as AGC will be highlighting these efforts through various news outlets.  AGC will identify those members who have pledged to participate in the challenge as part of the notices surrounding America Recycles Day.  Afterwards, AGC will report on the hard hats recycled and further highlight members’ recycling efforts.
  1. Make the pledge to AGC by November 10.  Send an email to AGC’s Melinda Tomaino at and she will send you a pledge card to fill out.  After you have pledged, AGC has a “template flyer” available you can use to make signs for your office and jobsites or convert to a graphic and use in an email.
  2. Set up a collection bin(s) and get the word out to your coworkers.  This is a great time for a safety inspection of your hard hats!  Send your collected hard hats to a recycling facility near you.
  3. Send pictures and information on how many hard hats your company has recycled to AGC’s Melinda Tomaino at by November 17.  AGC will further showcase your efforts.
Finding a recycler Contact recyclers you routinely use to see whether they accept hard hats.  If they do not, see below for a listing of directories or websites where you can find recycling companies. Questions?  Need more information?  Contact AGC’s Melinda Tomaino at or (703) 837-5415.