Welcome to the Utility Infrastructure Division

April 5, 2013
You may have noticed that the Municipal & Utilities Division has a new name – the Utility Infrastructure Division.  After the Municipal & Utilities Division Leadership voted to approve the name change at its November 2012 meeting and the Executive Board agreed at their January 2013 meeting, the change was presented as part of a larger update to the AGC bylaws that was accepted unanimously by the AGC Board of Directors at the 2013 AGC Annual Convention. This success was only one of the many accomplishments for the Division over the last year.  It also prepared and began implementing a new Strategic Plan to position itself as a leader for the future of the utility construction market and the construction industry as a whole. The overriding goal was to create a “Division of Choice” for both young and seasoned constructors. This new name will help clarify who the Division represents and the kind of work its members do. The Division’s coverage is broad, and its new Strategic Plan is designed to attract and service construction company members who work in water & wastewater treatment plants; pipe and line work for water, wastewater, natural gas, petroleum/petrochemical, electrical, & telecommunications; excavation and tunneling, site preparation, and more. The Division’s Strategic Plan calls for it to represent constructors who build utility projects with virtually any kind of funding for virtually any kind of owner, using any of the modern project delivery methods  and construction practices.  The new name advertises those intentions. Throughout this process, expect more changes and many more great things to come out of the new Utility Infrastructure Division. For more information, contact Scott Berry at (703) 837-5321 or
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