Affordable Care Act Resources Available to AGC Members

March 27, 2013
Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been challenging for many employers.  To offer assistance to construction employers, AGC has dedicated a page on its website to providing compliance resources on the ACA.  The members-only page includes links to white papers, a webinar and government resources.  AGC will update the page routinely as new and relevant information becomes available. AGC has been working with the law firm of Seyfarth Shaw to make ACA-related information readily available to members.  With one of the largest employee benefits groups in the country, Seyfarth Shaw has assembled a cross-departmental team that is focused on how the passage of health care reform will impact businesses in various types of industries.  As a result, the team has issued a number of “Client Alerts” to keep employers up to date on the latest regulatory guidance regarding the ACA.  AGC has made all of Seyfarth Shaw’s relevant alerts available on its dedicated ACA webpage. Also available is a link to AGC’s webinar series, The Affordable Care Act: The Impact of Health Care Reform on Your Construction Business, recorded in three parts.  Part 1, Employer-provided Health Care… Then and Now, provides an overview of the key implementation dates of the ACA, the overall impact of the law on various types of health plans and why employers offer health care in the first place.  It also discusses the impact of the individual mandate on business – an often disregarded issue for employers.  Part 2, Pay or Play… All about the Employer Mandate, provides answers to the most raised questions by employers such as how to determine coverage under the law, definition of full-time employee, dealing with seasonal workers and more.  Part 3, The Future of the Insurance Marketplace,  allows participants to get an inside look at the future of the insurance marketplace, including how insurance providers are adapting their plans and cost structures as a result of the new requirements, as well as techniques to use when shopping around for health insurance plans. For those who are interested in hearing from the government officials themselves, the page provides several links to fact sheets, FAQs and various guidance documents issued by the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor – the three federal agencies tasked with providing guidance and enforcing the ACA. AGC members can directly access the webpage at  Users must login to the AGC website, as these resources are available to AGC members only.  Frequent users of the Labor & HR Topical Resources section of the AGC website may access the ACA information through that resource. (See primary category “Other HR Issues” and secondary category “Health Care Reform.”)
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