AGC Surveys Members About Convention Preferences

As of last week, members who have attended certain AGC events, including National Convention, received one of two surveys we have developed that are designed to help us improve future AGC of America Conventions. We understand that attending an Annual Convention requires a significant investment in time and resources and we want to make sure we offer the kind of programming and activities that most appeal to our members.  The intent is to learn more about why some of our most active members chose to attend the convention while other, equally active members, do not attend the convention. The input we receive will help us craft even more effective and appealing convention agendas for the years to come.  Here are the two versions of the survey: Survey of Members Who Attended AGC Events, But Not the Convention Survey of Members Who Attended the AGC Convention in addition to other functions   Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Turmail at or 703-837-5310.