Don’t Miss Out on AGC’s Compliance Webinar Series

The next webinar in AGC’s 8-part webinar series, titled “Walking the Compliance Tightrope: How to Meet the Strict Legal Standards for Government Work,” will focus on preventing illegal gratuities, kickbacks and bribes.  This webinar will take place on Sept. 13 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. EDT. Contractors working for federal, state and local governments have to comply with a wide variety of statutes, ordinances, executive orders, regulations and other measures intended to require ethical business practices. Conduct that private owners would readily accept, and might even welcome, can lead public owners to impose significant penalties, to consider suspensions and debarments, and even to consider criminal charges. This webinar will focus on the activities that public owners put into the potentially devastating categories of illegal gratuities, kickbacks and bribes. To register for this webinar, please click here. For more information, please contact Brynn Tupper at (703) 837-5376 or