Free Podcast from ConsensusDocs Now Available

ConsensusDocs is pleased to provide a free podcast regarding the new ConsensusDocs 246 Owner and Geotechnical Consultant Agreement.  All members of a design and construction team have an interest in assuring that all project participants have the proper contractual foundation, and the ConsensusDocs 246 was designed to provide that foundation for owners and their geotechnical consultants.  The standard language of the 246 recognizes the unique nature of those services and addresses the critical issues involved. “With seemingly ever-increasing environmental regulation, the geotech agreement fills a need in the industry to protect owners and consultants alike in helping ensure both parties understand their roles and responsibilities,” states Phil Beck, Partner at Smith Currie & Hancock LLP, and chair of the ConsensusDocs Geotech Agreement Working Group. Please click here or visit to download this free podcast (under Audio Conferences). The 246 agreement is written in the same “plain English” style as the other 100+ ConsensusDocs contracts.  This writing style avoids legalese whenever possible so all parties can clearly and easily understand their respective roles and responsibilities.  The overall layout of this new standard form agreement helps the parties craft a project-specific agreement that protects the parties’ respective interests while advancing the goals of the project. AGC members receive a 20% discount on all ConsensusDocs subscriptions.  Simply use Discount Code “AGC100” at www.ConsensusDocs.orgConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts written and endorsed by 36 leading design and construction industry associations, including AGC. For more information, please contact Erin Santiago at or 703-837-5390.