San Diego Chapter Wins PLA Victory for Members

June 29, 2010
AGC's San Diego Chapter teamed up with other local groups to help pass initiatives that banned project labor agreements (PLAs) in Chula Vista and Oceanside, Calif. In addition, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors passed a no-PLA ordinance for county work.  Their efforts were counted as one of the five biggest stories from election night in California. Members of the San Diego Chapter have donated $250,000 through its PAC toward this effort. AGC of America is committed to free and open competition in all public construction markets and believes that publicly-financed contracts should be awarded without regard to the labor relations policy of the government contractor. Neither a public owner nor its representative should mandate the use of a PLA that would compel any firm to change its labor policy or practice in order to compete for or perform work on a publicly financed project. AGC believes it should be up to the contractor to negotiate a PLA on a voluntary basis if it believes it would benefit a particular project. For more information on PLAs, visit AGC's Labor & HR Topical Resources page and select "Collective Bargaining Agreements" from the first pull-down menu and "Project Labor Agreements" from the second.
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