WEBINAR: Advanced Issues about Worker Misclassification: What Every Construction Contractor Needs to Know

April 22, 2010
A Double-Header - May 18 & 20 - 2:00pm-3:30pm ET May 18: Independent Contractor vs. Employee May 20: Exempt vs. Non-exempt The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) have announced in recent months that the construction industry will be the primary target for audits and other enforcement activities when it comes to worker misclassification.  As a result, construction HR professionals have been burdened with the responsibility of properly classifying workers and protecting construction companies from these enforcement activities.  Do you know which workers in the construction industry are often misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees, even by the most experienced HR professionals?  Once it is determined that a construction worker is an employee, is the worker exempt or non-exempt?  These can sometimes be tough determinations to make, and with wage and hour lawsuits on the rise and record allocation of government agency funds for enforcement and random audits, all construction companies are at risk.  You already know the basics; now uncover the advanced issues about worker misclassification in a contractor-friendly manner.
  • Help your company avoid devastating fines and penalties by correctly classifying workers
  • Discover where even seasoned HR professionals are likely to make mistakes
  • Know how to respond to confusing issues surrounding government audits and lawsuits
  • Review best practices to help protect and ensure compliance
  • Learn the best way to "correct" misclassifications that you've discovered
  • Determine how to distinguish temporary workers from independent contractors
  • Learn why written contracts may not protect independent contractor status'
  • Discover keys to writing job descriptions that will protect your company
  • Learn to build a "good faith" defense with evidence to support exempt classifications
  • Know when and how to legally dock an exempt employee's pay
  • Discover how rest periods, off-the-clock work, Blackberries and cell phones can affect a worker's status
Don't miss this double-header, packed with practical construction-specific examples, recent case settlements and more! Download the flyer for speaker information and register online today! *Both webinars have been submitted to HRCI & IACET for review.
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