Construction Safety Incidents Drop 38 Percent

October 6, 2009
AGC announced the results of a new analysis that found construction safety incidents dropped 38 percent over the last ten years and the construction fatality rate declined 47 percent since 1998, the year the federal government switched to a safety oversight approach known as "collaborative safety." During a news conference last month co-hosted with its Shreveport Chapter, AGC released the findings and called for continued use of the collaborative safety approach.  AGC also announced a new federally-supported safety program for Shreveport-area construction projects.  The new collaborative safety program commits the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration and local contractors to provide additional training, data analysis and support needed to improve safety for the next three years. The news was widely covered by the media, including the Shreveport Times, Phoenix Business Journal and Nashville Business Journal.  You can also access the AGC press release here.
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