ConsensusDOCS Federal Subcontract Now Available - Free Guidance and Podcast

August 11, 2009
On June 10, 2009, ConsensusDOCS, the first and only widely-endorsed standard construction contracts, released its Federal Subcontract Agreement designed specifically for federal government construction projects.  The ConsensusDOCS 752 Subcontract for Federal Government Construction Projects was drafted specifically to assist contractors and subcontractors to meet new and complex federal laws and regulations.   The release of the ConsensusDOCS 752 is especially timely in light of increased federal government construction activity generally, as well as through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly known as the federal stimulus funding bill.  The ConsensusDOCS Federal Subcontract is the only standard agreement created to address new terms and conditions essential to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR").  Even seasoned federal government contractors, but especially contractors new to the federal market, should consider utilizing this new contract document when subcontracting Federal work.  The 752 addresses:
  • Ethics Compliance
  • Federal Prompt Pay Act
  • E-Verify
ConsensusDOCS has also created a guidance document to this newly-published document.  The sample exhibit of FAR requirements for federal construction work references more than 50 FAR requirements and was written for use in conjunction with the ConsensusDOCS 752, specifically section 12.14.  Any contractor considering federal subcontract work should consider the new ConsensusDOCS standard subcontract and corresponding guidance document found here as a helpful tool. You can also access a free podcast regarding the ConsensusDOCS 752 - Please visit to download this free 5-minute podcast. ConsensusDOCS offers a complete library of standard contract documents that are available for use in setting terms between designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties.  The documents were created by a broad coalition of more than 20 leading construction organizations, including AGC.  For more information about ConsensusDOCS, please visit
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