Are You Involved with a Chapter SCC? New Resources Available

May 1, 2009
AGC of America SCC Seeks to Facilitate Chapter SCC Development The AGC of America SCC has recently produced resources for AGC Chapter Specialty Contractors Councils.  In addition to facilitating development of new Chapter SCCs, these documents may also increase the effectiveness of existing Chapter SCCs.  To complement "A Guide: Simple Steps and Best Practices for Forming an AGC Chapter Specialty Contractors Council," the Council has compiled information from existing Chapter SCC structures, goals, and programs to offer ideas to developing Chapter SCCs.  This document, "Sample Mission Statements, Objectives, and Programs for AGC Chapter Specialty Contractors Councils," can be found at along with the updated Guide.  The website, linked off, also offers additional information about Chapter SCCs, including a list of existing Chapter SCCs along with their websites.   To contribute to these resources, please contact Cassia Griffin at
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