Message from the New Chair of the Specialty Contractors Council

April 28, 2009
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Jim Slack, Jr., Chair, AGC of America Specialty Contractors Council

AGC of America is recognized as the organization of choice for 12,500+ specialty contractor firms.  Specialty contractor members learn the "business" of construction by connecting through seminars, networking events, meetings, improved contract documents, and the AGC website to implement and influence better business practices and improve our bottom line.  AGC is committed to being an advocate for issues that impact the entire construction community. The AGC of America Specialty Contractors Council (SCC) is comprised of specialty contractor members from across the country.  Just recently, the SCC met at the AGC 90th Annual Convention in San Diego, CA and continued its mission to identify, pursue and resolve issues critical to the success of the AGC Specialty Contractor in the interest of promoting best practices throughout the construction industry.  In addition to a roundtable discussion on "hot topics" such as card check and immigration at the SCC meeting, the SCC hosted a dynamic panel and open forum entitled "The Cash Flow Implications of Retention."  A report on these meetings can be found within this issue of Specialty News. As I begin my two year term as Chair of the AGC of America SCC, I look forward to working with you to meet the needs of the AGC specialty contractor community.  Currently participating in the development of the Houston Chapter SCC, I have a particular passion for Chapter Specialty Contractors Councils and am thrilled to offer assistance to Chapter SCCs.  Linked from the SCC website, offers new resources for those involved or interested in forming or expanding the activities of Chapter SCCs.  When the SCC Executive Committee meets in June at the AGC Building Contractors Conference, we will continue to brainstorm how we can best serve AGC's specialty contractor members.  We welcome your input. If you are interested in participating in the AGC of America SCC, start the process by contacting your AGC Chapter today!   For more information about the SCC, visit  You may also contact AGC of America staff members Mike Stark,, and Cassia Griffin,, with any questions. Please let us know if there are others within your company who would like to receive this newsletter. Sincerely, Jim Slack, Jr. President, Slack and Co. Chair, AGC of America Specialty Contractors Council Member, Houston Chapter AGC
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