AGC, ASA & ASC Approve Three New Guidelines

March 3, 2009
At the AGC-ASA-ASC Joint Meeting in Rancho Mirage, CA, the three groups formally approved three new documents as part of the "Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project," found at  (  They are guidelines on Surety Bonding, Volatile Price Adjustment Clauses, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).  The guidelines cover topics such as bidding processes, pre-construction planning, and project execution.  These three new documents are among the nearly 40 guidelines that can be found by accessing the complete "Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project" at  The Surety Bonding Guideline is Section C.5, the Volatile Price Adjustment Clauses is Section B.6, and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Guideline is Section B.7.
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