AGC PAC Grows & Impacts 2008 Election - Building Contractor Support Needed for Future Success

January 6, 2009
During the 2007-2008 election cycle, AGC PAC raised an unprecedented $1.1 million, the highest amount in the PAC's 31 year history, and with those funds supported more than 200 construction-friendly candidates for federal office.  This cycle the bar was raised thanks to a 16% increase in the number of donors to AGC PAC compared to just 2006.  These historic receipts allowed AGC PAC to respond to the changing political environment in Washington D.C. and fortify relationships with construction's key legislative allies on both sides of the aisle.  Those relationships become all the more important as AGC now works to position itself politically to advance pro-construction legislation in the next congress.  Unfortunately the number of Building Division members contributing to AGC PAC has only increased by four people since 2006.  For more information about AGC PAC including opportunities to get involved, please go to or contact Elisa Brewer Pratt at (202) 547-5013 or
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