House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Issues Report on State of Water Infrastructure

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, chaired by Congressman James Oberstar (D-Minn.), issued a report October 18 condemning the Bush Administration for its failure to adequately invest in the nation’s water infrastructure. The report, "Stagnant Waters: The Legacy of the Bush Administration on the Clean Water Act," condemns the Bush Administration for neglecting to adequately invest in Clean Water Infrastructure, enforce environmental oversight and improve water quality.  While the report states that there have been significant improvements in our water quality and infrastructure over the last 36 years, it concludes with a call for increased investment in aging water infrastructure and strengthening of the enforcement of the Clean Water Act. For a complete copy of the report please click here. AGC has supported the creation of a long-term, sustainable, off-budget source of funding for clean water by creating a trust fund to finance construction and maintenance of this critical environmental infrastructure.  AGC has also supported and promoted “Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure,” a new documentary produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting that highlights the current state of the nation’s essential water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure.  Learn more about Liquid Assets at