AGC to Testify on Infrastructure Stimulus

AGC will provide a contractor's perspective on how additional infrastructure investment would help stimulate the economy through direct and indirect job creation at a hearing next Wednesday. AGC this week was invited to testify at the hearing, "Infrastructure Investment: The Road to Recovery," conducted by the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. As Congress continues to debate whether to enact an additional economic recovery package that may include a significant infrastructure investment component, AGC will contribute to the hearing through testimony from Brian Burgett, President and CEO, Kokosing Construction Company.  Burgett will focus his remarks on water resources investment, in addition to providing testimony on the state of the overall construction industry and on the critical need for supplemental federal infrastructure funding to stimulate the economy.   AGC continues to work with Congressional leaders towards enactment of an economic recovery package with infrastructure investment. Congress may reconvene following the election to consider a bill by the end of the year.