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Course Content and Credentialing

Three tiers of Lean Construction education will be offered through AGC of America and its Chapters.

Build a Foundation with Lean Construction 101

Build awareness of what Lean and how to prepare yourself to take on the practice with the Lean Construction Education Program’s Lean Construction 101. This half hour online course can be taken at any time and provides a foundation of all AGC Lean Construction courses.

Following this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • List examples of Lean Construction in practice
  • Discuss benefits of Lean Construction
  • Define Lean Construction
  • Explain the origins of Lean Construction
  • Describe Lean Construction tools
  • Identify Lean Construction implementation opportunities

Become a Lean Construction Champion

How lean is implemented within a construction firm can vary based on many factors and the lean transformation is most effectively driven and planned by individuals within a firm. This series of courses are intended for an organization’s lean champions, who will design and implement a company’s lean transformation strategy at the corporate and project levels. The courses in this program will cover:

  • Unit 1: Variation in Production Systems - Available Now!
  • Unit 2: Pull in Production - Available Now!
  • Unit 3: Lean Workstructuring - Available Now!
  • Unit 4: The Last Planner® System - Available Now!
  • Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly—Available Now!
  • Unit 6: Lean Design and Preconstruction—Available Now!
  • Unit 7: Problem-solving Principles and Tools—Available Now!

Following completion of this program, individuals will have a deep knowledge of both the theory and application of Lean Construction and be able to sit for an exam to earn AGC’s Certificate of Management - Lean Construction (CM-Lean) credential.

For Project Team Members

All project team members must work together on a daily basis, incorporating lean principles into their most basic work, to see the true benefits of lean. In recognition of this, AGC is developing a 4-hour course dedicated to providing all project team members a background in Lean Construction principles and methods to give them the tools to support a lean project and/or organization.

Construction Executives: Your Role in Lean

On a corporate level, lean is most effective when embraced by all areas of the company. To do so, senior management must understand the need for and advantages of lean implementation. To help facilitate this support of a lean transformation AGC is developing a Lean Executive Course presented by and for construction executives on their role in implementing lean..

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