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BIM EP Instructor Resources


Resources and guidance are provided here to help BIM Education Program instructors and understand the instructor approval process and their responsibilities in delivering training.

All PowerPoint presentations and supplemental instructional materials are available below to help BIM Education Program instructors effectively deliver classroom instruction.


Instructors are advised to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the materials in these documents, prior to course delivery.

3rd Edition Instructor Resources
2nd Edition Resources
Note: The attached files will be dowloaded as compressed .zip files and may be in excess of 2 gigabytes in size.


BIM-EP hard copy manuals are available for purchase on AGC's online store and eBooks are available for purchase on



Once the requirements have been met applicant instructors must complete the online Instructor Approval Form. When completing the form, applicants must select specific examples of requirements listed, provide current contact information and upload their curriculum vitae.

Approved instructors will receive a confirmation letter, and will be listed on the instructor roster distributed to AGC Chapters and other training institutions. In addition, they will also be invited to the BIM EP Instructor’s LinkedIn group.


Instructors should be well-versed in the contents of the course materials, knowledgeable of the course format and committed to helping the attendees achieve the course learning objectives. AGC of America welcomes and encourages instructors to add personal experiences, case studies, examples, exercises and visual aids.

In addition to having excellent communication and listening skills, facilitators must:

  • Be skilled at leading class activities and ensuring that learners actively engage with course content and activities.
  • Encourage everyone’s participation in the discussions, keeping the group focused and on track without dominating discussion and group processes.
  • Expect to spend between 16 to 24 hours preparing and familiarizing themselves with the materials.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and professional approach to the presentation of course material.


Course instructors/ administrators are required to document attendance utilizing the classroom roster template provided below. Students must attend at least 90% of each unit to receive credit for completion of a course.

Following the completion of classroom instruction, course instructors/administrators must upload the completed class roster to the Curriculum Upload Portal below.

Rosters that are not submitted online will not be entered into the AGC Nationwide Curriculum Database.


Each students who successfully finishes training should be recognized with a certificate of completion. Download the templates for each section below.


AGC wants your feedback to improve this course and the manuals used to present it. You are asked to make comments about your experience in this course through our online evaluation. Your comments will help AGC make this course more effective in the future.

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