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Industry Priorities

Substance Abuse Programs

Encourage Employers to Use Privately Managed, Comprehensive Substance Abuse Programs to Enhance Worker Safety


  • Large companies are more likely to test workers for alcohol and other drugs due to the economic impact of administering the test. This suggests that smaller firms are more vulnerable to substance abuse problems because drug users may intentionally seek out employment at smaller companies without a testing policy. Department of Labor (DOL) statistics reports show small employers employ more illicit drug users and by occupation the construction industry has the second highest rate of illicit drug use and heavy drinking.

AGC Message:

  • Substance Abuse Testing. Drug testing increases a company's profitability by improving overall work site safety, reduces workers' compensation costs, and improves the quality of job applicants.
  • Drug Testing Would Improve Workplace Safety. Comprehensive, privately managed, industry-wide programs would protect construction workers from accidents and would also alleviate damages or loss to the project. One out of six fatalities in construction involves substance abuse.
  • Privately-Managed Tests Would Comply With Federal Law. The substance abuse testing programs would comply with federal regulations and contractual and insurance requirements. Federal safety laws and regulations should encourage the use of private drug testing programs to ensure a safe and healthy work place.
Industry Priorities: 
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