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Phyllis Harden

Legislative & Special Projects, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
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Industry Priorities

Employee Involvement Programs

Support Improved Safety and Efficiency Through Use of Employee Involvement Programs


  • It takes constant vigilance from each and every employee on a job site to be aware of existing hazards and new hazards as they are created. Hazards require immediate notification of supervisors and project managers once located or observed and immediate corrective actions must be taken to prevent employee injuries, illnesses, or fatalities. Companies that have active employee involvement in all phases of their safety and health program experience lower incident rates, pay less workers' compensation costs, experience less employee turnover, have improved company morale, and their jobs are generally completed on time and within budget.

AGC Message:

  • Active Training and Employee Involvement Improves Workplace Safety. Active training and employee involvement can improve their safety program and reduce their injury, illness, and fatality rates. Increasing employee awareness of job hazards, making every employee responsible for job site safety, and having every employee looking out for their fellow employees is a recipe for safety success.
  • Training Has Proven to Affect Safety. Contractors participating in AGC of America and its chapter's programs have reported that they were able to improve their safety program and avert potentially disastrous hazards on their job sites by implementing recommended controls and taking the training provided by AGC and pass it along to all their employees.
  • Working with OSHA Area Offices on Compliance Increases Safety. Cultivating a positive relationship with OSHA Area Offices and using OSHA's compliance assistance programs can assist employers in improving their safety and health programs for their employees.
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