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Construction Law

ConsensusDocs Provides Contractual Resources to Help Address Price Escalation Issues due to Soaring Prices of Materials and Supply Shortages

Today’s construction is facing spikes in prices that threaten builders’ financial viability.  As the leader of construction contract documents with an unprecedented Coalition of leading construction organizations to draw upon, ConsensusDocs has compiled resources addressing price escalation.

Construction Law in Brief

The Construction Law in Brief provides you the latest in construction law and contract information in one handy and free resource brought you by AGC and leading construction law firms, Jones Walker LLPPeckar & AbramsonSmith, Currie & Hancock LLPFox Rothschild LLP, and Watt,Tieder, Hoffar, & Fitzgerald, LLP.

AGC Contract Documents Forum (CDF) 

AGC's CDF provides leadership in the construction industry providing and improving upon balanced contract documents that incorporate best practices by:

  • Being aware of the needs and concerns of AGC members and chapters.
  • Advocating equitable risk allocation between Designers, Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors and Sureties.
  • Actively participating in the creation and endorsement of a comprehensive family of documents and educating all parties in their use.
  • Providing critical information to the industry on contract documents issues.
  • Reinforcing AGC's commitment to skill, responsibility and integrity through contracts.

Instructions on how to join the AGC Contract Documents Forum can be found here

State Laws

Many aspects of construction are regulated by law covering public as well as private construction work. AGC works with the ABA Forum on Construction Law to update the AGC/ABA Construction State Law Matrix, the most comprehensive and concise resource for quickly locating information on state laws affecting public or private construction projects. Updated annually by the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law, your subscription provides searchable online information for all fifty states, DC, and Puerto Rico, which can be easily sorted by state or topic area.

COVID-19 Epidemic Rider for Construction Contracts

This COVID-19 Rider is an AGC of America member-only resource to address COVID-19 risks in construction contracts being signed today and going forward. In addition to the Rider is contract language to be inserted into subcontracts going forward. The language in the COVID-19 Epidemic Rider may be used with a ConsensusDocs standard construction contract, which is endorsed by AGC and other industry organizations, as well as American Institute of Architects (AIA) A201 general conditions, and bespoke construction contracts and subcontracts. AGC is also providing an alternative short-form version of the COVID-19 Rider for those that want an alternative more abbreviate contract language.

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