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Industry Priorities

AGC Voting Records

The AGC Congressional Vote Records provide information about elected federal legislators through the votes they cast on key construction industry issues. Key votes are selected on the basis of AGC's top legislative priorities which are determined prior to the start of each Congress the AGG Legislative Action Committee.

Prior to each key vote every legislator is notified AGC's position and the impact the vote will have on the construction industry. The voting record lists only officially recorded roll-call votes. When possible AGC only considers votes that are substantive, procedural votes are only used in extreme cases where a true measure of support or opposition for a bill can be determined.

AGC Voting Records by Congress

Additional Information

How to Use the Vote Records

AGC members can use the voting record to hold Senators and Representatives accountable for their positions on key construction industry issues.

AGC members can use the vote records when meeting with legislators, drafting letters to legislators or considering financial support of campaigns. AGC PAC considers voting records along with other criteria when considering AGC PAC support.

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