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There’s an old saying: “Bad News does not Age Well”. All organizations rely on the continual flow of accurate information in support of appropriate responses and timely decision-making. This maxim is of particular significance in the workplace, where the slightest delay in incident reporting, or an incomplete assembly of facts collected can and will considerably drive-up the costs associated with a Workers’ Compensation claim, utility strike, or safety event.

Compatica has been designed by industry experts to prevent the negative outcomes of delayed and inaccurate Workplace Incident reporting, namely upwards-spiraling claims costs, opportunities for fraud, contentious utility damage claims, and avoidable legal actions. By implementing a point-of-occurrence incident recording app in employees’ mobile devices, authorized users can report a variety of events in real time, including incidents such as:

  • Injuries (Beyond First-Aid, First-Aid Only, For Record Only)
  • Property, Liability, Utility Strikes, Vehicular
  • Near Misses
  • Safety Observations


Compatica has been selected by the AGC’s Utility Division Safety Committee as a recommended platform for Utility Strike documentation and Damage Prevention.


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