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June 1, 2020
New Federal Investments in Transportation, Other Types of Infrastructure Will Help Offset Expected Declines in State and Local Funding as State Budgets Suffer Impacts of Coronavirus Lockdowns Construction spending plunged in April as governmental agencies and project owners shut down ongoing work... Read More

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Voters on Election Day approved a huge schedule of state and local bond and tax issues in support of infrastructure spending for schools, colleges, other public buildings and highways. The Bond Buyer estimated that successful bond issues alone totaled $54 billion, the second-highest total after... Read More
November 13, 2008
The Senate will return next week in a lame duck session to address several legislative proposals, potentially including economic stimulus legislation. In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has expressed the desire to go back into session to address stimulus legislation but she has not yet... Read More
November 12, 2008
Our Congressional supporters advocating for inclusion of infrastructure funding in the economic stimulus legislation have asked AGC for information about current conditions in the construction industry as well as the positive impact that would result from increased infrastructure funding. Please... Read More
November 12, 2008
AGC of America is excited to announce the 2009 Highway & Utilities Contractors Issues Meeting, to be held February 5 -7, 2009 at the La Quinta Resort and Club in Palm Springs, California. This meeting is the premier gathering place for contractors and related businesses involved in every aspect... Read More
November 11, 2008
Seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment fell by 240,000 in October, and the unemployment rate rose from 6.1% to 6.5%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Worse, 179,000 more jobs vanished in August and September than was estimated last month. In the past year, payroll employment... Read More
November 7, 2008
Construction Jobless Rate Soars; States Could Quickly Put Many Back to Work, Economist Simonson States Washington, D.C.-"Today's unemployment report-grim reading on all counts-is especially bad for construction and shows the urgency of enacting infrastructure spending as part of a stimulus bill,"... Read More
November 7, 2008
Thanks to the hard work and persistence of AGC of America, our network of members, and Chapter partners, Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure is being viewed nationwide.  AGC of America provided $100,000 to Penn State Public Broadcasting for the development of Liquid Assets and co-... Read More
November 7, 2008
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on November 5 urged enactment of the $61 billion economic recovery package the House passed in September, which would have provided $30 billion in supplemental appropriations for many federal construction programs, when Congress reconvenes  the week of November... Read More
November 6, 2008
On November 3 AGC submitted comments to the IRS in response to proposed regulations providing guidance to taxpayers in the home construction industry.  Specifically, the proposed regulations provide guidance on two issues: accounting for long-term construction contracts that qualify as home... Read More
November 6, 2008
AGC PAC raised and spent more than $1,000,000 to impact the 2008 election cycle and support more than 200 construction-friendly candidates for federal office. For specifics on AGC PAC influence and grassroots campaigns, check out the 2008 AGC PAC election report.
November 6, 2008


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