Susan Harwood Grant Training

Safety Training for the Focus Four Hazards in Construction
(Falls, Electrocutions, Caught–in's and Struck–by's)

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Program Description

AGC Focus Four TrainingConstruction workers make up approximately 6% of the country's workforce, but account for more than 20% of all job–related fatalities each year. Construction is one of the most hazardous industries in America; each year a substantial number of construction workers lose their lives and countless others are injured. The Focus Four hazards (falls, electrocutions, struck–by's and caught–in's) continue to account for the greatest number of preventable fatalities in the construction industry. Over the last 11 years, on average, 640 workers (more than 50% of all construction fatalities) were needlessly killed and many more were injured despite Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and special emphasis enforcement programs.

More important than the total number of construction fatalities is the information on the causes of these accidents. Injuries and fatalities associated with the Focus Four hazards are preventable and occur when the guidance for the standards are not followed. It is this type of information that was used to develop this awareness program to improve construction safety through the reduction of accidents by addressing the Focus Four hazards.

It is imperative that additional safety emphasis be placed on the Focus Four hazards in construction. It is important that safety and health programs contain provisions to protect workers from the Focus Four hazards on the job.

Who Should Attend?AGC Focus Four Training

  • Company Officers
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Foremen
  • Both Union and Non–Union contractors

What Will I Learn?

  • Focus Four Hazards statistics
  • OSHA standards and Industry Best Practices to abate the Focus Four Hazards
  • How to identify locations of the Focus Four Hazards
  • Selection and criteria of Focus Four Hazards safety systems and equipment
  • Training requirements for the Focus Four Hazards

AGC Focus Four TrainingWhen is the program being offered?

This one–day program is being offered regionally via AGC Chapters across the United States beginning December 2007. Specific training dates and locations can be found here.

What is the Cost?

This training program is being offered at No Cost.

How do I register?

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