Recycling Toolkit

The Contractor ToolKit
For Recycling and Using Recycled Industrial Materials

This toolkit contains a collection of resources that can help:

  • Contractors who want to reduce, reuse, or recycle construction and demolition (C&D) materials generated at their job sites
  • AND

  • Contractors who want to use recycled industrial materials in the construction or renovation of a structure.

Learn about how to recycle C&D materials or use industrial materials:

How do I...? Case Studies

AGC developed this online toolkit in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (EPA) and the Industrial Resources Council (IRC). In this toolkit, you will find references and links to not only the EPA and IRC websites, but also many other websites. While AGC, EPA and IRC believe that the additional information posted on these other websites is consistent with the purpose of this toolkit, and may be useful or interesting to you, neither AGC nor EPA, nor the IRC, can attest to the accuracy of this information. Neither AGC nor EPA, nor IRC, endorses the sponsors of these other websites, or any of their employees, or any information or products they provide or present.