Divisions & Committees

AGC of America offers many ways for our members – whatever their interests – to become involved in and help guide our activities.

AGC members may choose to be identified with one or more occupational divisions and/or councils. Additionally, members may also wish to join one or more of AGC's productive committees or forums. All of these constituencies exist to provide an area for those engaged in similar types of construction activities to discuss common issues and opportunities, further their professional stature and develop policy for the association that benefits their specific industry area.

Divisions – AGC contractor members are served by four occupational divisions –Building, Federal and Heavy Construction, Highway and Transportation, and Utility Infrastructure, which provide members from specific industry segments the opportunity to stay informed of emerging issues and trends that are relevant to the type of construction work they perform every day.

Councils – Since we know that many of our valued members have interests and needs that go beyond the general occupational divisions, we also offer several councils for mid-career professionals (the Construction Leadership Council); for specialty contractors, and for service and supply members. Additionally, members who meet certain basic requirements, may request to join the Public/Private Industry Advisory Council or our Labor and Employment Law Council .

Committees – AGC members may choose to participate in one or more of nearly two dozen active committees, which are targeted to specific industry topics, and meet at least annually in person.

Forums – Our forums encompass a wide range of activities and interests within AGC and usually offer a regular newsletter and an e-forum to members. Forums offer the benefit of allowing members to participate in most activities virtually from their desks through conference calls, email and web meetings. Some additionally offer an annual in-person conference to help increase sharing and networking among members.

Whatever your interest within the construction industry, AGC has a place for you learn, influence, guide and grow!